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Home Warranty for Rentals

Sam Maropis - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Home Warranty companies, better known in Texas legally as Residential Service Contracts can be a great thing to have on a home.

Even if you have owned your home for many years, you can usually get a home warranty. Granted there are exceptions to everything, and as such maybe your home does not qualify, but for so many homes it is well worth it.

If your home is say ten plus years old, you need to get the warranty. Lets look at some examples:

Granted prices are all different, so you need to call a few companies to find out, but generally the cost for a home under 5,000 square feet is around $400 to $500 per year. I know of a few companies that the cost is under $400 per year. I know that this seems a lot of money, but lets look at what they generally cover.

The first is the hot water heater, and I have seen this cost to be around $400 installed for a new hot water heater. Also in most of San Antonio our water pressure is really high, many times in the 125 lb range. They say, (who ever they are) that the water pressure should be in the 40-80 lb range, hence most homes have a reducer installed when the home is built, but they only last about five to seven years. This should be covered with most companies, but double check to be sure. Really high water pressure is what causes breaks in the pipes near the water heater, around sinks, etc. A water break can cause a lot of damage to a home. Something to avoid if possible.

The next is the HVAC, the Heater/AC unit. This is a monster cost. May homes in San Antonio have two units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Some of the homes under $150,000 apx have just one unit, no matter if the home is one or two stories, this is a big expense.

Costs to replace HVAC can be very expensive. Granted the warranty does not pay for the Freon gas, but still you can easily be looking at a cost somewhere around $5,000 to $7,000 per unit for a totally new system.

I had a home I was rehabbing and from the time I listed the home with the MLS to the time I sold it, the coils developed a leak and as such it cost me $1,500 for new coils on the inside unit in the home.

If you provide a refrigerator or washer and dryer, the home warranty can also cover it. Again if you have a garage door opener, or water softener they can be covered. So ask your warranty company for details.

Is a home warranty right for your investment, it all depends. But give me a call and we can talk about what I have found out from my experiences with getting work repaired.

Here are three companies that I know. First American Home Warranty has special pricing as such, if you call their call center, the operator can not give out these prices, but I can get them for you. 

First American Home Warranty Brochure

Old Republic Home Warranty Brochure

Select Home Warranty Brochure

We have a whole list of companies to look at if for some reason you do not like any of these, give us a call and lets discuss what are your best options at 210-504-4410 or visit us at for more details.

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